Sign Petition to Stop Utility Managers Pay Raises and Bonuses

CCU Chairman Joey Duenas said, "We pay our people what they're worth, and the proof is in their performance and delivery of service." So let’s take a look at their performance to see if Duenas is correct.


GPA blew up $400 Million dollars worth of power plants and not a single person was disciplined, and rate payers are bearing the expenses of spending $11 million a year on renting generators to make up for the power shortfall.

GWA loses 60% of the water it pumps out of the ground, at great expense, through leaks in the system.


Based on those two items alone it seems to me that the managers are overpaid as it is when you compare their salaries to salaries of system managers on the mainland.

While most residents of Guam struggle to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck, the managers of GPA and GWA gave themselves pay raises and bonuses in secret executive session, blessed by the members of the Consolidated Commission on Utilities (CCU). The Attorney General told them it was illegal and to roll them back. Now the CCU is probably planning to meet in a public session to reinstate the raises, unless the public speaks up.


It is time for the people of Guam to draw a line in the sand and say NO MORE PORK BARREL RAISES or BONUSES.


Sign the online petition and we will be at the next meeting of the CCU making our voices heard.




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Petition to Prevent CCU from Approving Raising and Bonuses for Top Management of Utilities
We the people and rate payers are the owners the utilities, and the management team is already very highly compensated beyond the size of the systems they manage. It is not acceptable to give them raises and bonuses for simply doing the jobs they were hired to do. Signing the petition will help us prevent CCU members from acting against the best interests of the people and rate payers of Guam.

To arrange to have signed petitions picked up, send an email to:
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