The Dream Team


For a better future than our recent past, WRITE IN: Frank Aguon/Alicia Limtiaco for Governor and Lt. Governor. We are also providing a list of candidates for Attorney General, Congressional Representative, and the Legislature that will put the welfare and financial security needs

Recommended List of Candidates to make government more responsive to the people over politically well connected insiders.


Governor:  Write In:

Frank Aguon/Alicia Limtiaco


Congressional Delegate:

Doris Flores Brooks (R)


Attorney General:

Douglas Moylan


Senators for the 35th Guam Legislature:



  4. Terlaje, Therese M. (Incumbent)                        

  5. Marsh, Dr. Kelly G.                                              

  6. Alerta, Jermaine                                                 

  8. Ridgell, Clynton E.                                              

  9. Casil, Lasia A.                                                       

10. San Agustin, Joe S. (Incumbent)

11. Nelson, Telena C. (Incumbent)

12. Palacios, Adolpho B.

15. Babauta, Celestin C.


  4. Torres, Mary C. (Incumbent)

  6. Aguon, Jenei

  8. Moylan, James C.

  9. Servino, Benito

14. Guerrero, Stephen J.

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