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Government of Guam doesn’t keep statistics on the growing poverty levels of our people, because they might be so high as to actually shame our politicians into doing the some of the right things to improve the financial security of the people, instead of working to secure their financial futures and those of their “politically well connected insiders.”

But we know the poverty numbers are high, because the numbers they can’t hide tell us so.

  • 34% of our population receives SNAP benefits (food stamps).
  • 45% of our population is covered by Medicaid or MIP.
  • 11% of our households are receiving housing aid of one form or another and the waiting list is very long.
  • And the military recruiters on the island have no trouble exceeding quotas as every month more of our children, desperate for a future that has hope, leave home for decades.

I point out these statistics to show where all these highly paid directors a politicians should be focusing the efforts of their “public service” instead of working almost exclusively on bettering their own lot in life, and the lives of their “politically well connected insiders.”

I need a little help in this fight. I am asking for people to take the Quality of Work Life Survey:




This survey will help me collect the data to I need to build support raising the “Minimum Wage” level to a “Livable Wage” Level among the senators.

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