Our Spokesmen

For the past ten years, Community Advocate Ken Leon-Guerrero has been representing the people starting when the Santa Rita Community battled against the GRRP Waste-to Energy plant that was planned to be built their village.


In 2015, with other concerned citizens, he helped organize the Guam Citizens for Public Accountability which  became active when word about the massive, retroactive pay raises our elected officials gave themeselves in secret session. Today, as one of the Spokesmen of the the organiztion, Ken continues the work started in 2015 to hold our elected and appointed officials accountable for their actions as the employees of the people of Guam.



Donate Today

Guam politicians will raise and spend millions of dollars to get your vote. Money donated to Guam Citizens for Public Accountability (Guam C4PA) helps give you information to see past the advertising, and select the people you think will be best for the future of Guam.

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