Bills of Concern

We are tracking and reporting on Bills that you should be aware of, because they have the power to change your life if they become law.

Setting aside Special Funds for Special Purposes, is a good thing. Setting up better "reporting to the public" requirements and let voters take actions will be a lot better than mandatory criminal prosecution. This bill needs to be modified to remove the felony penalty, or soon all government will become a series of "avoid jail" actions. READ MORE

Bill 141 allows the Governor to borrow $125 Million dollars to renovate GMH, and requires pay about $87 Million dollars and fees and interest payments. Bill 142 raises the the BPT with the increased taxes going to paying the bond payments. We are against borrowing more money, and raising taxes before the Government reduces operating expenses to offset the need to borrow so much. READ MORE.

Forty-One States have part-time legislatures. It is time we have one on Guam. Part-Time senators will expand the number of people willing to run for office, since they will not have to give up their professional careers to do so. The money we save with a part-time legislature will allow us to go back to 21 senators and improve representation of the people. READ MORE

The sole purpose of the primary election is to allow the political parties to control the selection of candidates that we get to vote for. With the elimination of the primary election, the biggest barrier for new people to run for office will be eliminated, giving voters more choices. It also saves the government $500,000 each election which is a bonus. READ MORE

Most of the jobs on Guam are minimum wage service jobs. The cost of living on Guam has gone up. The wages have not. Many people are leaving the island in search of abetter quality of life than working two or three jobs just to cover basic living expenses. As long as there are high levels of unemployment on the island, and few new jobs created, employees will not have the ability to move to higher paying jobs on Guam, because there aren't any. Increasing minimum wage, makes it possible for people to have a better quaity of life without having to move to the US Mainland. VIEW TESTIMONY

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