Some of the Issues Framing 2018 Elections

These are the issues we are holding our elected and appointed officials accountable based on the way they address these challenges our island faces.



Campaign Reform

The time has come to make the government more responsive to the people.


Eliminate the Primary Election


Part-Time Legislature


Return to 21 Senators



GovGuam Finances

Is Guam destined to be the next Puerto Rico crash and burn?


Elected officials need to stabilize government finances.


Right-Size the Government


Improve Revenue Collections



GMH Financial Support

What is being done to support GMH and improve healthcare on Guam?


Create GMH Only Financial Support Revenue Stream


Require Employee Benefits  to Include Medical Insurance


Government Integrity

Guam YTK demonstrates all the worst in politics and our judicial system.


Eliminate Arbitration from Government Contracts


Increase the Transparancy on Contract Awards and Renewals



Donate Today

Guam politicians will raise and spend millions of dollars to get your vote. Money donated to Guam Citizens for Public Accountability (Guam C4PA) helps give you information to see past the advertising, and select the people you think will be best for the future of Guam.

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