2020 Community Issues

These are the issues we are holding our elected and appointed officials accountable based on the way they address these challenges our island faces.



Stablize GovGuam Finances

Government operations need to be right sized and streamlined to reduce the growing tax burden on our citizens.


Half of Guam's economy is government expenditures, so re-organization must be done carefully to avoid a Puerto Rico Style economic meltdown.



Recreate Public Education System

Our children are Guam's largest export.


Our education system is based on the needs of our 19th century economy.


It is time to recreate our education system to meet the needs of the 21st century, to help them thrive and compete in the world's economy.



Strengthen Public Healthcare

Our current public healthcare system is based on providing extraordinary emergency care.


We need to refocus our public healthcare system on providing extraordinary preventive care.


"A stitch in time saves nine." Ben Franklin


Preventive care is cheaper and an easier burden on taxpayers than emergency care.



Quality of Life

Many of our young people are leaving Guam for places that offer more opportunity and a lower cost of living.


To make matters worse for all employees, there is a growing gap between “take home pay” and the cost of living. That gap increases with monthly price inflation, each tax hike, user fee increase, and utility rate increase.


The government needs to do more to improve the quality of life by closing the gap between “take home pay” and the cost of living, to off our people a quality of life that makes it worth staying on Guam.



Improve Transparency

This is our island, our government, and publicly owned assets. The recent string of scandals involving “well connected” political insiders like Guam YTK and the CLTC Lease grabs, show how important it is to increase transparency and strengthen public accountability tools to make sure elected and appointed official do not continue to enrich themselves using public resource at our expense.

Election Reform

To improve the quality of our legislature, we need to increase the number of senators back to 21 to strengthen their service to the public.


We need to eliminate the Primary Election system which is a tool that is used to limit competition against incumbents.


We need to go to a part time legislature to increase the pool of qualified candidates. A part time legislature will allow more people the opportunity to serve without having to abandon careers or businesses for two years.



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